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The Sub-Marine Cafe is the name of Dan's favorite sandwich shop.


In Season 1, Dan finds out that The Sub-Marine had been shut down and replaced with a fancy restaurant which does not serve turkey sandwiches. He and Elise – who was less than impressed with the food portions – caused the restaurant to be shut down. Maurice and the former captive sous-chefs then turned it back into a sandwich shop, but much to Dan's dismay, the sandwiches aren't "as good as he remembered".

In Season 2, Dan answered a personals ad and went to The Sub-Marine on a date with a redheaded girl with common interests. When he found out she was just an actor for a reality TV show called "Fake Date", he vowed revenge on the producer, Buddy Starr.

In Season 3, The Sub-Marine was the scene of a nighttime robbery. As part of a revenge plot against a superhero who accidentally destroyed his car, Dan, along with a reluctant Chris, rush in to try and stop the criminals. It doesn't end well.

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  • The restaurant's name is a play on "submarine sandwiches".
    • The shorthand name for the sandwich is "sub" and their mascot is caricature of a naval infantryman – or "Marine" – holding a sandwich. Thus, he is a "Sub-Marine".
  • It's revealed in "The Fancy Restaurant" that Dan's sandwich of choice is a turkey on an Italian roll with mayonnaise, spicy mustard, no cheese, and "no meddling vegetables". This, according to him, it "might be the perfect food".
    • In Dan's dream sequence from the same episode, the anthropomorphic turkey sandwich also had two black olives on one end, serving as eyes. This is the only time this happens.
  • The Sub-Marine Cafe more or less looks like "Subway", a popular sandwich shop in the real world.
    • As seen clearly in Seasons 2 and 3, the building directly next to The Sub-Marine has a sign which reads "HUBWay". This is both a reference to Subway, itself, and the channel which broadcasted Dan Vs. at the time, "The Hub".