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The Ski Trip
Season 3, Episode 8
Dan vs the ski trip
Air date February 2, 2013
Written by Kirill Baru, Eric Zimmerman
Directed by Ashley Lenz
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"The Ski Trip" is the eighth episode of the 3rd season and the forty-eighth episode overall. It originally aired on February 2, 2013.


A sudden blizzard strands Dan inside an isolated cabin with Elise and they are forced to bond with each other. Meanwhile, Chris kicks back and hangs out with his newfound friends.


Chris and Elise go to a ski trip bringing along Dan because Chris stated 'It was either bring him along or have him sabotage the trip', after they arrive, Dan finds out that he confused skiing for skeet shooting and now wants to return home because he hates skiing, as Elise tries to talk him out of it, Dan while trying to argue with Elise, without realizing goes up to the mountain with them, then Chris tells him he might as well try skiing now that they're up the mountain and as Chris tries to teach Dan how to ski, Dan starts to get out of control and involuntarily starts speeding down the hill, shortly after he falls from a high altitude and while he's falling, he shouts 'Ski trip' into the sky, indicating that he now wants to get revenge at it.

A ranger shortly after comes to help Dan but Dan tricks him, steals his skimobile and escapes, he starts stealing many objects from different people with the skimobile to throw at the mountain as obstacles so that people can't ski anymore, but he later realizes this won't work because according to a woman and her daughter that were there (later identified as Claire Pleasant and Mary Kate Pleasant) skiing is all about its dangers. Dan then tries to burn the snow by starting a fire but before he can do it, Elise stops him. Shortly after that, Chris arrives with the Pleasant family, whom he had just met, Chris and Elise agree that she would take Dan to the cabin and supervise him while Chris spends time with the Pleasants. In the cabin, Elise makes some hot cocoa for Dan and he initially seems satisfied, shortly after revealing that he's still upset and smashes the hot cocoa against the wall behind him, Dan then tries to leave with the intention of going back home only for it to turn out there's a blizzard, Dan tries to leave anyway, ignoring Elise's advice to wait it out, but he returns a few moments later with ice all over him. Dan later goes to sleep and wakes up before Elise, he tries to get out again but this time he can't because a pile of snow is blocking the exit. The scene cuts to Dan acting hopelessly saying they'll never get out and Elise eating cereal. Elise tells Dan that someone will eventually rescue them and suggests that while they wait for help they pass the time, and they end up playing a game called "Conglomerate" (very similar to monopoly), a few moments later Dan chooses himself as the banker and abuses his power to then ask Elise to rub his feet, which Elise responds to by flipping the table and panicking, saying that Dan was right and that she can't stand another minute being trapped there.

Elise makes a plan that consists of modifying the refrigerator to make it propel itself to the surface so they can escape, but Dan discards her plan as useless and he then shares his own plan, which consists of attaching a small note to a cockroach and training it to find the ranger so that it can deliver the note to him. Elise brushes off Dan's plan and instead starts executing her own, Dan, upon seeing this argues that his plan will work and she argues back that she's been in worse situations and to trust her. Dan after that tries in various way to make himself leader and make to convince Elise to follow his every command, only for it to end up in Dan making a line separating the cabin in two sides and deciding that each one will own one side and can do whatever they want on it, calling Elise's side 'Elise land' and calling his own 'Dantopia' and then 'banning' Elise from 'Dantopia'.

After Dan and Elise had an argument (due to him scamming her) that ended up in her tying him to a chair, Elise turns on the new rocket she just built out of the refrigerator and tries getting out of there, just to accidentally destroy the chair Dan was on (hence, also setting him free) and breaking the rocket. After that, Dan starts complaining that his plan would've worked and Elise tries to ignore Dan, as this happens, Dan also tells her she should apologize but Elise keeps ignoring him, Dan then throws a snowball at her making her snap and they both get into an argument again, Elise yells at him that all the situations he gets into is because of himself and it ends in both of them saying to the other one they hate them.

The ranger informs Chris that he has removed all the snow from the front exit, allowing them to get out of the cabin. After that, Chris tells the Pleasants that he has to get going, and the Pleasants say that they'll be going with him.

Dan and Elise are sitting on the floor opposite to each other and this time Dans opens up to her by saying that he doesn't really enjoy being mad all the time, getting into all those situations or to give up his free time to get revenge at people who have wronged him, he says that he can't help but just notice all the little flaws in things, this incites Elise to indirectly apologize too and tells him that she isn't perfect as it seems. After this, Elise almost reveals to Dan that she works for the government but instead tells him that she is a fisherman instead (fisherman being code word for government agent), Elise tells him that she is concerned about the safety of her job and Dan gives her some advice, and they both end up bonding a bit (something rarely seen in any episode).

Now Elise is trying to dig the snow blocking the front exit towards an old abandoned chairlift that she found out was there due to a map Dan wrote his will on, as the tunnel they dug up to the chairlift collapses, Elise manages just in time to fix the chairlift, turn it on and get on it, but the chairlift instead starts flying in the air with Chris and Elise on it due to it being thrown in the air at full force by a big pole. The episode ends with Dan and Elise landing near Chris and the Pleasants and the ranger shortly after capturing the Pleasants because they actually were escaped mental patients who are cannibals.


  • The Pleasants are actually escaped mental patients that are also cannibals.
  • The Pleasants could be a reference to The Donner party, an early settler family that were also snowed in and resorted to cannibalism just like Dan Vs. this also took place in California.
  • Dan thought Chris and Elise were going skeet shooting, which is why he came along.
  • Dan says he despises skiing despite never trying it.
  • Dan and Elise play a game called "Conglomerate", which is very similar to Monopoly, which it's most likely based on.
  • Google's definition for Conglomerate is "relating to a conglomerate, especially a large corporation."
  • The other board games on the shelf were "Jungle Curse" (obvious reference to Jumanjii), and "Questionable Pursuit".
  • Dan and Elise didn't play Questionable Pursuit because Dan memorized all the answers.
  • Elise almost reveals her Government job to Dan, but instead tells him she's a fisherman.
  • Dan adds Elise to his will, which is written on a Map of Little Bear Mountain.
  • The Pleasant's plan to adopt Chris wouldn't be possible, as he's a legal adult.


  • Dan
  • Chris
  • Elise
  • Ward Pleasant (debut)
  • Claire Pleasant (debut)
  • Mikey Pleasant (debut)
  • Mary Kate Pleasant (debut)



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