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The Mechanic
Season 3, Episode 4
Dan chris and elise sneaking to mechanic shop - the mechanic
Air date December 8, 2012
Written by Chris Pearson
Directed by Stephanie Arnett
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"The Mechanic" is the fourth episode of the 3rd season and the Forty-fourth episode overall. It originally aired on December 8, 2012.


Dan learns that his mechanic has been using parts of Dan's car to build a giant robot and he gets in on the action for revenge.


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  • The elevation machines' company is called "Yamamma" when it appears as the mechanic and Dan are fixing Dan's car for battle.
  • This is the only episode of the series where Dan completely gives up on exacting revenge on the title subject, instead choosing to help him.
  • This is the only episode where Dan defeated Elise.
  • Chris keeps emergency bacon in his wallet.
  • Dan hid in The Mechanic's trunk even though he could of stayed in Chris and Elise's car when they followed him, when questioned about why he was doing it beforehand he told Chris and Elise to mind their own business.
  • A few characters from past episodes make non-speaking cameos in this episode, including The Librarian from "New Mexico", Jack from "Reality TV" and The Old Guard from "Art"
  • Ninja Dave's Cookies also makes an appearance in this episode.
  • Mechanic Mike forgot an essential part to Dan's car in the end of the episode, leaving it destroyed again.




  • The first promo is a clip uploaded on The Hub's YouTube channel on December 6, 2012.

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