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The Imposter is a minor antagonist in Dan Vs. He is an experienced identity thief who attempts to steal Dan's identity in "Dan", but ended up going to jail on behalf of Dan because the real Dan missed a court date.

He later appeared in "The Telemarketer" as a telemarketer who's determined to drive Dan to the point of insanity.


In his debut, the imposter looks almost identical to Dan, wearing his clothes and having his hairstyle. The differences between them is that the imposter's eyebrows are thicker, his hair is kempt unlike Dan's, his eyes are blue while Dan's eyes are green, his pupils are more dilated, he does not have stubble, they have differently shaped noses and soul patches, he is slimmer, slightly taller and the imposter's skin has a warm undertone while Dan's skin has a colder yellow undertone.

In "The Telemarketer", his shirt is replaced with a blue polo shirt with a brown striped tie.


He is arrogant, persistent, and overbearing and seems to show little remorse for his actions. putting the identity theft aside, he acts to be a kind man, and even cleaned and refurnished Dan's filthy apartment. Mr. Mumbles seems to like him, this may be due to his physical resemblance to the real Dan and overall nicer attitude.

He is a manipulator who uses Dan's identity to his convenience as demonstrated In "The Telemarketer" when he reminded Dan that the reason he was put to jail was because the police thought he was the real Dan, seemingly dissociating himself from Dan, but a few moments later stated that they are in parole, referring to himself and Dan as one.


He stole Dan's identity and quickly won over Chris when he baked him a strawberry rhubarb pie. He is eventually arrested by the police when the real Dan purposely missed his court date.

In Season 2, he reappears in "The Telemarketer" as such in his plot to harass Dan to the point of madness. He is said to call the titular character every five minutes and is not revealed until Dan, accompanied by Chris and Elise, arrive at his worksite (one Chris had partaken in work as well before its own outsourcing). Here the Imposter seems slightly more sociopathic than his previous appearance in the show. This may be due to spending the last six months in prison.

Later, Elise happens to find his 'home address', later revealed to be apartment residing above his own, in which he keeps a single phone, a trap door, and the means to release high amounts of sleeping gas. It is shown once again his ability to infiltrate Dan's home. This was also alluded to earlier in the episode when the Imposter hid several cell phones in both Dan's apartment and car.

Tumblr m4ehyxBPXv1qmxa6oo1 500

The Imposter dressed as a cat.

Here, we see the imposter now donned in a cat suit vaguely similar to Mr. Mumbles. This appears to be another display of abnormality in his mental state, but was most likely just another method of having Dan sound even more deranged than ever when he recounted the tale.

Also in this episode, we see him wearing Chris' clothing and impersonating him for a few moments. At the end of this episode the imposter achieves his goal and seems to have retired to a lakeside cabin in the forest. However, Dan said he's spending six weeks in prison, unlike him when he spent longer (six months). He may not be happy about that. It means his goal is not yet achieved, or at least not completely.


  • He was a baker in his last identity.
  • The Imposter spends six months in jail just for the real Dan for missing a court date, while Dan spends only six weeks in prison for acting crazy. 
  • Chris was pretty upset after seeing him go when he got arrested because unlike Dan, The Imposter treated him well.


– "Dan (episode)"

"I'm Dan."

"If you don't leave immediately, I'll be forced to shoot you in self defense, good day."

"I am Dan. The question is, who are you?"

– "The Telemarketer"

"Hello, sir. Would you love to donate to the Save The Tapeworms Foundation? Hmm?"

"Listen, man-cookie. I learned all about subhuman on cell block 2."


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