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The Family Thanksgiving
Season 2, Episode 1
S2E1 Dan Vs The Family Thanksgiving
Air date November 19, 2011
Written by Dan Mandel
Directed by Stephanie Arnett
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"In...vited? Me? So confused... need to... sit down. I... accept?"

Dan, when he learns he was invited for Thanksgiving dinner.

"The Family Thanksgiving" is the first episode of the second season of Dan Vs. Is is the twenty-third episode overall.

It premiered on November 19, 2011.


Dan prepares his deviled eggs to share with Elise's family who have invited him to their Thanksgiving dinner.


The episode begins with Dan shopping at a “$100.00 Store” that’s going out of business. He’s getting all the ingredients for his deviled eggs, which he plans to make at Chris and Elise’s house for Thanksgiving. Chris calls Dan and informs him that they will not be having Thanksgiving at their house. Dan erupts into anger to the point where he is thrown out of the store.

Main Plot[]

He then drives his car directly onto their lawn and throws eggs at their house. Chris answers the door but is egged by Dan. Elise informs Dan that they are having Thanksgiving at Elise’s parents’ house, and that Dan is not only invited, but that he should bring his deviled eggs.

Elise and Chris plan to take a plane flight with Dan, but they are forced to drive “at least two days” (Dan’s claim) to Elise’s parents’ house because Dan is on the no-fly list. When they get to the house, Elise’s brother and Chris' brother-in-law, Ben , greets her, tells Chris that he’s still fat, and won’t let Dan into the house since he brought Mr. Mumbles with him and he’s allergic to cats. Elise Sr. lets Dan and Mr. Mumbles into the house. The entire family is friendly to every guest, especially Dan (yet begrudgingly to Chris). Elise Sr. even throws Ben out of his own room to allow Dan and Mr. Mumbles to sleep on their own bed; she even tucks him in for the night.

Suspicious, Elise sneaks out of bed to find out why her parents are being so nice to Dan. She finds out that Elise Sr. is trying to get Dan’s deviled egg recipe, which Don enjoys so much, because her mother refused to give her a similar recipe. They plan to shun Dan forever as soon as they analyze Dan’s deviled eggs. Chris, however, sleepwalks down to the kitchen and eats all of Dan’s eggs; Elise Sr. is so dedicated to getting the ingredients that she tries to give Chris the Heimlich maneuver so he vomits any remaining eggs. The entire event awakes Dan, so Elise Sr. offers to buy all the ingredients again and help Dan make his deviled eggs again. Dan looks around the kitchen, informs her that they have all the ingredients, and tells Elise Sr. not to worry: he’ll make them himself, but doesn’t want anybody seeing him make them because they’re from his grandmother’s recipe. (Unlike Elise Sr., Dan mentions that he was able to steal the recipe from his grandmother somehow, on her deathbed.)

The next day, after a short yet competitive three-on-three football game (where Chris is tackled by Don to the point where he can barely breathe), Elise Sr. tries to get another one of Dan’s deviled eggs. Dan, however took the precaution of putting the eggs in a padlocked, chain-surrounded container so nobody could eat them before dinner. Chris, losing patience with Dan's attitude, decides to tell Dan about Elise Sr.'s plot, which causes Dan to erupt into an ever bigger fit of anger; he is so infuriated that he plans to burn their house down. Elise calms down Dan so he can enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.

Dan brings out his deviled eggs for dinner. Elise Sr. and Don eat the first batch, forgetting that they need an egg to analyze. Dan brings out another batch, but soaks it in apple cider vinegar as part of his revenge. Elise’s parents cough up the new eggs and rush to the kitchen to rinse the vinegar out of their mouths. When Dan informs them that he knows of their plot, Elise Sr. and Don admit that it’s true, and that they just want the recipe. Dan rushes out of the house and brings in a flaming tree branch.

Elise insists that her parents apologize to Dan. They do, reluctantly, causing Dan to pass out from both anger and remorse. Mr. Mumbles points out that Dan’s flaming tree branch set fire to their drapes. The flames spread to the entire house. Elise Sr. worries about Dan, but only because he can still make deviled eggs. She drags Dan out of the house. Eventually the whole house burns down, forcing the entire family to sleep in a nearby motel.

The entire family is upset: Elise is angry that her parents would stoop so low as to trick Dan to give up his deviled egg recipe, Elise’s parents are angry that they have to sleep in a motel, and Ben is angry that Mr. Mumbles is in the motel room with him. Dan, however, is happy: he got his revenge, still has his secret deviled egg recipe, and even offers to tell Elise’s family the “true story of Thanksgiving”, which he insists is more gruesome than what they believe. Don threatens to smother anyone if they are not asleep within five minutes and then turns off the lights. Dan closes the episode by saying that he's thankful for their friendship before everyone tells him to shut up.


  • This is the first and only Thanksgiving special in the series.
  • This episode reunited Family Ties cast members Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter who played Elyse Donnelly and Steven Keaton. Don and Elise Sr., who are voiced by them, have the same personality as the Keatons.
  • Despite Chris telling Dan "umpteen billion times", he still forgot that Chris and Elise were going to Elise's Parents house for Thanksgiving and that he was invited.
  • Dan insists on “burning their house down” as revenge. This is the same line Curtis Armstrong, the voice of Dan, says in his film Revenge Of The Nerds, albeit with less profanity.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Dan threatens to burn Elise's Parents' house to the ground. He later fulfills his threat at the end of the episode.
  • Chris claims the reason that Elise's Parents are being so nice to Dan is because "they're drunk".
  • This episode was promoted as being a reunion of “The Keatons” of Family Ties[1], even though this isn’t the first episode where Elise's Parents appeared.
  • It's implied that Dan has never felt wanted or apart of a family before, as being told he was invited to the Thanksgiving dinner immediately stops him from wanting revenge.
  • The official Dan Vs. facebook page has a recipe for Grandma's deviled eggs that you can view here![2][3]

Revelations and Continuity[]

  • This episode marks the first appearance of Elise's brother, Ben.
  • It is revealed that Ben is allergic to cats, which cause him to "puff up and everything".
  • When Dan questions why Elise's Parents don't just move closer, Chris and Elise remind him that he tried to get Don framed by the mafia in "Elise's Parents" and almost got them killed by a chainsaw slasher in "The Family Camping Trip".
  • Don and Elise Sr. are shown to have no regard for Ben's feelings, as they allow Dan and Mr. Mumbles into their house AND his room without getting his consent first.
  • Elise's room contains many awards and trophies.
  • On a typical Thanksgiving, Dan cooks his secret deviled eggs recipe while Chris makes a bacon wrapped turducken.
  • According to Elise Sr., Dan's deviled eggs taste EXACTLY like the ones her mother used to make. Elise Sr's mother took the recipe to her grave and she thought it would be hopeless to replicate them... until she tasted Dan's, which implies that she got to try them prior to this episode.
  • Dan later reveals that he stole his deviled egg recipe from his Grandmother on her deathbed.
  • It's unknown if Elise Sr's mother and Dan's grandmother are the same person, they both made a secret deviled eggs recipe and kept it to their grave, and the recipe Dan stole from his grandmother tastes exactly how Elise Sr's mom made them. Though, it is not confirmed and is up to fan speculation whether or not it's true. Dan also refers to Elise as "sister" during the football game, but this is likely just playful teasing.
  • Dan reveals Chris was referred to as "Ploppers" in 10th grade.
  • The 95¢ store that Dan shops at is advertised as going out of business.

Deleted Scenes[]

  1. In one scene, Chris corrects Dan on how to pronounce Benedict Arnold and Dan yells "Eggs!" in response.
  2. An extended sequence of Don and Elise Sr. talking to Dan in Ben's room.
  3. While Don is sleeping, he comments that the President is wearing a lovely dress.
  4. When Chris gets tackled by Don during football, Dan says "So much for grandkids" and he and Don share a laugh about it.




  • 95¢ store
  • Chris and Elise's house
  • Don and Elise Sr's house
  • Phlei Bagg's Motel


  • Generic O's
  • Dan's Deviled Eggs (debut)
  • Bacon wrapped turducken (mentioned)
  • Dan's phone
  • Elise's diary (debut)


"No one has ever told anyone the same thing that many times! Your lies unspool as they spill from your lips, you giant toolbox!"

– Dan, after Chris reveals he's told Dan his plans for Thanksgiving "umpteen billion times".

"Wonderful. Now get your car off my lawn before I bury you under it."

– Elise, in response to Dan accepting his invite.

"This SUCKS! We've been in the car for DAYS!"

"Would've been a lot quicker if SOMEONE wasn't on the no-fly list"

"Well, why don't your stupid parents just move closer?"

"They were going to, and then you tried to frame my dad and almost got him killed by the mafia."

– Dan and Elise, during the trip to Elise's Parents' house.

"The thing is, son, we were looking at you as the friend of the loser who probably ruined our daughter's life."

– Don, revealing how they see Dan.

"...nachos beat tacos, I win..."

– Chris, having an interesting variation on the Rock, Paper Scissors game while dreaming.

"Don, you know they taste exactly like the ones my mother made, only for special occasions. Took the recipe to her grave, selfish old bat."

– Elise Sr., revealing Dan makes deviled eggs just like her mother.

"You know what they say: if you can't beat them, join them. If you can't join them... burn their house to the ground!"

– Dan, after being kicked out of Elise's Parents house.

"Hey guys, you know what I'm thankful for? Friendship."

– Dan's final lines in the episode.

"Shut up, Dan!"

– Everyone, after hearing what Dan is thankful for.



  • The first promo was released on The Hub's YouTube channel on November 14, 2011.
  • "It's a Thanksgiving you'll never forget, Dan Vs. Family Thanksgiving, Saturday November 19th at 8pm ET!" - description on video.
  • The second promo contains a couple of clips from this episode, but it's just a trailer for Season 2 in general. Released on The Hub's YouTube Channel on January 25, 2012.
  • "Get ready for Dan Vs. Season 2! Don't miss all new episodes on Saturday Jan 28 at 8pm ET / 5P PT. 

Check your local listing: http://www.hubworld.com/tv-schedule

Dan Vs.: http://www.hubworld.com/dan-vs/shows/..." - description


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