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N/A (The episode begins with the outside of Dan's apartment where's he's having an argument with someone.)
Dan (offscreen) No, you shut up! (Cut to Dan talking to someone on the phone) Shut up! What, are you stupid? I said shut up! Okay, bye, Grandma. (The door knocks and Chris enters)


Hey, Dan.
Dan I thought you were ditching me for Elise today.
Chris She's building a code-breaking supercomputer for the NSA.
Dan To spy on Finland?
Chris (pause) I don't think so.
Dan What a waste of time.
Chris Elise's birthday is coming up. You got that 20 bucks you owe me?
Dan Make her buy her own present!
Chris Yeah, that's what we did last year. You said you'd pay me back this time.
Dan (Pulls out Brutus) You'll have to speak with my attorney.
Chris Dan, this is not a legal matter, I'm not suing you. I just want my money.
Dan (Pulls out a teddy wearing a lab coat and head mirror) Well then, you'll have to speak to my accountant.
Chris Hey, that's a cute bear. Where'd you get it?
Dan Eh, the last time I was at the dentist's. I had a root canal. They gave me that bear to make me stop screaming. (Chris flips the bear over as the tag reads: "Happy 5th Birthday") Didn't work.
Chris Don't you have to have your permanent teeth before they can give you a root canal?
Dan That's what I said! But the dentist bamboozled with his fancy medical jargon
Chris Tell you what, I'll take this bear, give to Elise, and we'll call it even!