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The Boss
Season 3, Episode 3
The boss pets dan
Air date December 1, 2012
Written by Chris Pearson
Directed by Stephanie Arnett
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"The Boss" is the third episode of the 3rd season and the forty-third episode overall. It originally aired on December 1, 2012

“BOSS!!!” Dan


When Dan is forced to get a temp job to pay his rent, his aggressive behavior helps him climb the corporate ladder.


Act I[]

Dan and Chris walked to Dan apartment in late evening. Dan complained why he dress like this, Chris said to Dan he would be evicted and needs to make some money. Chris phone and congrats to be hired as Temp worker. Chris drive to Dan apartment at night. Next day, Chris to Dan apartment while Dan still asleep, Chris wake him up and Chris tie the tie, brushing teeth, comb hair, seat to Chris car. Dan awake due bump and he scared and going out from car, Chris relaxed Dan explained to work, Dan out from car but Chris pull him.

Act II[]

Act III[]

Chris watched The Boss been devil, The Boss notice someone and Chris closed door and bump Dan. Chris tell the truth to dan but he didn't care. Chris want to destroy devil, Dan denied it and he walk away and Chris stop him but demon scream make Chris run in scared.


  • Felicia Day guest stars as the Boss.
  • The Boss is the second villain to simply say she'll get her revenge on Dan soon rather then screaming it at the sky like most villains. The first being Imposter Dan.
  • This is the second time Dan's anger issues are somewhat abused. The First being in "Anger Management". However this time it's put to a semi-good use and Dan having such problems is in no way mentioned.
  • There's a deleted scene where Dan explains how he got holy water, Dan explains that he got ordained as a Minister in the First Church of the World Wide Web and that they had instructions.
  • Dan has a screensaver of Mr. Mumbles on his office computer.




  • The first promo is a clip uploaded on The Hub's YouTube channel on November 30, 2012.

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