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"I remember the time we first met..."

"That's funny, I don't."

"Yeah... We had your memory erased"

– Spy Boss and Elise, Summer Camp

Spy Boss is a minor character in Dan Vs. He is Elise's unnamed and unseen boss. He frequently assigns her tasks in the series.


Spy Boss is usually depicted as a pulsating blue line that moves when he talks. He typically communicates through Elise's TV or bracelet.



Spy Boss gives information and tasks for Elise to handle and complete. He seems to hold a great amount of trust in Elise and how she handles situations, to the point of letter her have free reign in her missions.

When Dan stole Elise's ID card to get military grade defoliant in "Vegetables", the Guard at the Military base was skeptical and called Spy Boss, and he told the Guard that Elise is so far above his clearance level that he could get court-martialed for looking at her wrong. When the Guard tried to explain that it was a guy and not a her, Spy Boss simply told him she was a master of disguise, thus allowing Dan to steal Government supplies.


  • Spy Boss is voiced by one of the series creators, Dan Mandel.
  • Spy Boss has never had a physical appearance in any episode, he has only appeared on a screen as a wavy line.
  • His appearance is similar to Karen from SpongeBob SquarePants.


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