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Spencer Bainbridge is a minor character in Dan Vs. He is Chris's former golf boss. He first appeared in "Golf".


Mr. Bainbridge is a middle aged man with grey, balding hair. He wears a pink shirt, and greyish blue pants.


Mr. Bainbridge made his first appearance in "Golf" as Chris' boss, (will finish later)



Mr. Bainbridge was Chris' Boss in "Golf", they would golf together and later Spencer signed up Chris for a golfing tournament at Fine Pine. Spencer was so confident Chris could win, he put a large wager that he would, making Chris even more nervous as a result.

Chris, despite attempted sabotage from Dan and Elise, was doing well in the competition, so well that Spencer doubled his wager.

But when Chris was about to win, birdseed sprang up from the ground, stopping Chris' ball from making the winning move, resulting in Spencer firing him.


Spencer didn't interact with Amber, but in the episode "Anger Management", Amber was so annoyed by him littering that she decided to enlist Dan to help her take revenge on him by filling his car with garbage.


  • Spencer was somehow not able to see through Dan's "Scotty" disguise until Dan took it off.
  • He once visited Chris and Elise's house to see how "normal" people live and eat.


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