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Season 1[]

This is the main article for all of Season 1. Season 1 was the first season of Dan VS (duh), spanning 22 episodes, all consistently running 22 minutes long.

No. Title Card Title Airdate Prod. code
New mexico
"New Mexico" January 1, 2011 101

Dan has a grudge with New Mexico which leads to a road trip. [1]

"The Wolf-Man" January 1, 2011 102

Plotting revenge against the culprit that left scratches on his car.[2]

"The Dentist" January 8, 2011 103

Dan is convinced his dentist is evil and enlists Chris to help him expose the fiend's secret agenda.[3]

Note: Mark Hamill guest stars as Dan's Dentist.

The Ninja (HD).mkv snapshot 01
"The Ninja" January 15, 2011 104

Dan discovers an unlikely ninja vendetta.[4]

Dan vs the animal shelter
"The Animal Shelter" January 22, 2011 105

Vowing revenge against the animal shelter because of the non-stop barking.[5]

Note: This episode marks the first appearances of Mr. Mumbles, Hortence and Crunchy

Dan vs canada
"Canada" January 29, 2011 106

Getting even with their neighbor to the north.[6]

Dan vs traffic
"Traffic" February 26, 2011 107

Dan gets into an embarrassing mishap and vows revenge on the city's traffic.[7]

Note: Henry Winkler guest stars as Helicopter Hal.

Dan vs ye olde shakespeare
"Ye Olde Shakespeare Dinner Theatre" March 5, 2011 108

After an awful night out, Dan wants revenge.[8]

Dan vs baseball
"Baseball" March 12, 2011 109

Dan's favorite show gets preempted by the World Series.[9]

Dan vs the salvation armed forces
"The Salvation Armed Forces" March 19, 2011 110

Dan's car gets accidentally donated to charity.[10]

Dan vs the beach
"The Beach" March 26, 2011 111

Beach traffic is growing and Dan wants revenge.[11]

Dan vs george washington
"George Washington" April 2, 2011 112

A felled tree lands on Dan's car and he blames America's first president.[12]

Dan vs technology
"Technology" April 9, 2011 113

Dan has a painful first experience with computers.[13]

Note: Kevin McDonald and Harland Williams guest star as Barry Ditmer and Hiram.

Dan vs the babrber
"The Barber" April 16, 2011 114

Dan wants to make his barber pay for a bad haircut.[14]

Dan vs art
"Art" April 30, 2011 115

Dan targets an artist's career when his car is used as a canvas.[15]

Dan vs elises parents
"Elise's Parents" May 14, 2011 116

Dan plots to rid Chris of his in-laws for good when they hinder his time for fun with Dan.[16]

Note: Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter guest star as Elise's Parents.

Dan vs the fancy restarant
"The Fancy Restaurant" May 21, 2011 117

Dan's beloved sandwich shop is replaced by a new restaurant which leads him to experiment with fine dining.[17]

Note: René Auberjonois guest stars as Chef Puree.

Dan vs dan
"Dan" May 28, 2011 118

A man finds that it is not so great when he steals Dan's identity.[18]

Note: John C. McGinley guest stars as Imposter Dan.

Dan vs the family camping trip
"The Family Camping Trip" June 4, 2011 119

Dan, Elise and her parents bring Chris on a camping trip.[19]

Note: Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter reprise their roles as Elise's Parents and Daran Norris guest stars as Colby.

Dan vs burgerphile
"Burgerphile" June 11, 2011 120

Dan stages a protest after receiving poor service at his favorite burger joint.[20]

Note: Jeff's name is the same as his voice actor Jeff Bennett.

Dan vs the magicican
"The Magician" June 18, 2011 121

Dan vows to expose a magician as a fraud.[21]

Dan vs the lemonade stand gang
"The Lemonade Stand Gang" July 9, 2011 122

Dan and Chris set out to stop a group of underage ruffians who have begun extorting money from local residents through a neighborhood lemonade stand.[22]

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