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Robot Dan
Biographical information
Physical description
Gender Neither
Chronological Information
Profession Robot Clone
First appearance The Gym
Voiced by Curtis Armstrong (distorted)
"What's up, ugly?"
—Robot Dan bullying his human counterpart.

"Robot Dan" is a robot clone of Dan is a minor villain from the episode "The Gym". After Dan killed Chad, Robot Dan appears by stating the sentence "What's up, ugly?" After this, Dan and Robot Dan struggle in a fight but Dan ultimately destroys his mechanical counterpart by electrocuting him. After this, Dan freed the victims, including Chris and Elise.


Robot Dan looks exactly like Dan with his trademark "JERK" shirt, messy hair and chin beard, but instead of jeans, he wears shorts.

He has green eyes on the outside layer, but underneath, his eyes glow red.

He is also buffer and stronger than Dan and almost kills the real Dan with the intention to "squeeze until the pink ooze comes out."


  • Robot Dan tries to squeeze real Dan until "the pink ooze comes out", Real Dan points out that blood is red and Robot Dan says it's pink when mixed with brains. Dan finds this interesting.