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Robot Chris and Robot Elise
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Gender Neither
Chronological Information
Profession Robot Clones
First appearance The Gym
"Come work out with us, Dan."
—The robots asking Dan to work out with them.

The Chris and Elise robots are minor villains in the episode Dan Vs. The Gym. They are two robot copies of Chris and Elise who are physically identical to their counterparts, save for the fact that they are far more muscular than their human versions.


The Chris and Elise robots were part of a conspiracy helmed by Chad to replace eveyr human in the world with muscular robots, while at the same time keeping their human counterparts alive to pedal on steady-bikes to power the generator that gives the robots life.

The Chris robot is created first, after Chad's Henchmen kidnap Chris in the Natural Neutrition gym and put him to work on the steadybikes. The Chris robot replaces Chris at home in an attempt to throw off Elise but she sees through the ruse and goes to investigate the gym, only to get captured and replaced by a robot as well. The Chris and Elise robots go after Dan, who manages to evade capture and damages both of them before heading over to the gym. After unmasking the robot conspiracy, Dan takes both the Chris and Elise robots in combat, defeating them along with a robotic version of himself before shutting the generator down, destroying Chad and ending the robot conspiracy.


  • Robot Elise's half face may have resemblance to the Terminator.