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Reality TV
Season 2, Episode 14
Dan sends a code - reality tv
Air date May 26, 2012
Written by Kirill Baru, Eric Zimmerman
Directed by Ashley Lenz
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"Reality TV" is the fourteenth episode of the 2nd season and the thirty-sixth episode overall. It originally aired on May 26, 2012.


Dan tries to ruin Reality TV after he's humiliated by a producer named Buddy Starr.


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  • Tony Minestrone visits Ninja Dave's Cookies to film a show.
  • When Dan enters Buddy's home, he is captured on cameras with the company name "Fony" printed on them. This brand name appears to be referring to how Reality TV is generally considered fake, and is also a spoof of "Sony ".
  • Dan doesn't care at all about winning the competition until he's told he will go to Adult Astronaut Sleepaway Camp.
  • Tony has had his stomach stapled according to Chris.
  • After Buddy announces that it's time for the first challenge, Tony and Jack are discussing what it will be. Jack proclaims that it will be a swimsuit competition and Tony responds back by implying that he swims in the nude.
  • Dan sent a Morse code by blinking his eyes, the code is "Jerks won't let me use phone, Need you to help me win, Astronaut sleepaway camp on the line, if Elise tries to stop you, tell her to-" and Elise stopped translating because she didn't like what Dan said.
  • The ending reveals Kelly was married the entire time, making the entire competition to win her heart pointless.




  • The first and only promo is a clip uploaded on The Hub's YouTube channel on May 23, 2012.

Dan Vs. Reality TV (Clip)