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Ninja Dave's Cookies (or simply Ninja Dave's) is a cookie shop run and owned by the former Ninja, Dave.

When not at Burgerphile, Dan enjoys coming here to meet girls, take his friends out after a victory, and come up with new plans of vengeance.


We haven't seen anybody aside from Ninja Dave work there.


  • As soon as it opened, it became quite successful and popular.
  • It's so popular that it appeared on a reality TV show in "Reality TV".
  • It appears Dave uses not only traditional recipes, but also specialized ones so people such as Dan (whom is lactose intolerant, and therefore cannot consume anything containing butter and/or normal milk) can enjoy his cookies, too.
  • Dan has stated that Dave's cookies taste "just as good as the ones with butter."
  • The shop appears to be open 24 hours, as it was shown to be open at 2 AM in "The Monster Under the Bed".


Episode Appearances[]

Season 1[]

  • The Ninja

Season 2[]

  • The Monster Under the Bed
  • Reality TV
  • Gigundo-Mart

Season 3[]

  • The Common Cold