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Ninja Dave is a minor character in Dan Vs. He is a former ninja of The Koshugi Clan and the owner/founder of Ninja Dave's Cookies. He made his debut in "The Ninja".


For nearly the entirety of "The Ninja", Dave is in his traditional Ninja garb similar to Elise's Dancing Shadow outfit.

At the end of the episode, and every appearance after that, Dave sports a red t-shirt with his shop's name, blue jeans, and green and white sneakers. He also wears a little paper hat pictured with a cookie. His hair seems typical of Japanese youth (specifically the "delinquent-type"), with the sides and back kept short or shaved off and long with a wild frontal style.


Pre-The Ninja[]

Before the events of "The Ninja", Dave was in a clan of ninjas known as "The Koshugi Clan", a clan of ninjas that steal cookies from people.

On the annual Koshugi Clan barbecue and training retreat on Mt. Fuji, but Dave couldn't make it because he came down with a wicked case of head lice.

He later discovered the entire clan of ninjas died on their way to the barbecue because they missed a sign warning them of a broken bridge. They drove their bus off the bridge and fell down to the ground below, exploding the bus and the ninjas inside. According to Dave, it all could've been avoided had they not been too cheap to rent a bus with anti-lock brakes.

Sometime prior to this, he and his clan had conflicts with a fourteen year-old Elise.

The Ninja[]

Dave first appeared in "The Ninja", where after stealing Dan's cookies and being dissatisfied with them, he discovered that Dan was allies with Elise and began a new vendetta against her.

After attempting her assassination, he was thwarted by Dan and surrendered so he wouldn't die. He then revealed to them that his entire ninja clan was wiped out in the bus accident.

Dave redeems himself and opens a cookie shop called "Ninja Dave's Cookies" in the city and offers Dan, Chris, and Elise free cookies.

Episode appearances[]

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Season 1[]


  • Eric Bauza, the voice of Dave, would later have the role of Elise's brother, Ben.