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Mistakes found in several episodes of the series.


Example of a mistake found in the show.


Season One[]

  1. The Wolfman - On the credits, Grey DeLisle's first name is misspelt as "Brey DeLisle".
  2. The Animal Shelter - Dan's "JERK" logo on his shirt disappears when he puts on his robe. Also, Elise shows off shark teeth when she gets angry, and Dan's fingernail on his thumb is shown while adding Burgerphile to the list.
  3. Canada - When Dan and Chris go find a convention of bears, Dan's JERK logo on his shirt is mirroed.
  4. Dan* - The Imposter's teeth slightly turns into Dan's teeth when asked about how stupid Chris looks in Dan's journal.
  5. The Family Camping Trip - Elise, Sr.'s lips slightly morph into Elise's.
  6. Burgerphile - While buying chains from the explosives store, Dan's JERK logo on his shirt is mirrored again.

Season Two[]

Season Three[]

  1. Summer Camp - Child Dan shows a goatee slightly.