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Mechanic Mike
Dan-Vs.-The-Mechanic 2
Biographical information
Age Unknown
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Chronological Information
Profession Mechanic
First appearance The Mechanic
Voiced by Kurtwood Smith

Mechanic Mike is the owner of Greasy Mikes and Dan's local mechanic who works on his car free of charge since he loves working on off-brand Filipino cars.


Years ago, he was a part of a society where people build robotic armors out of car parts and battle them in arenas. Originally just for fun, as years progressed, he became so addicted that he developed a gambling problem. He was losing so much money that he had to overcharge customers and steal their car parts. He eventually had to sell his garage.

This was why he stole Dan's car parts, replaced them with household items and lied to him about fictitious parts so he can built a robotic suit out of them influencing Dan to threaten to beat him up. At the end, Dan won the battle against Elise in a robot match allowing him to quit the sport forever and fix Dan's car again but it crashes due to the thromibulator (a fictional part that Elise did not believe existed) not installed yet.