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Jennifer and Jason
Biographical information
Age Unknown
Chronological Information
First appearance The Neighbors

Jennifer and Jason were the neighbors of Dan's apartment and even though Dan thought they were evil and cannibals, Elise and Chris thought they were nice people. Jason is a butcher, Jennifer has a gun, he has anger issues (and similar to Dan he also shouts things in the sky). They first appeared in The Neighbors (episode). In the end Dan becomes friends with them but they move out because Dan told them he tried to kill them.


When the first move in they meet Chris but Dan thinks they're cannibals. The neighbors bake Dan a pie but he tosses it aside right on his own car (even though he did it he still blames the neighbors). They make Dan another pie (dairy-free), but Dan thinks it's poison so he gives it to Chris (who already ate half the pie). Later on Elise meets the new neighbors while Chris and Dan try to break again but are spotted by Jen who threatens to get her gun and shoot them. Dan lets go of the rope Chris was on severely injuring him. Elise comes by and Dan leaves a note but blows his cover and Elise threatens to hurt him. They make Dinner with the neighbors and Dan soon bonds with them but after learning that he tried to kill them they are shocked but the cockroaches Dan accidentally let loose wreck havoc at the apartment, Jason yells at him for being an incredible jerk and Jennifer tells Dan why did they even invite him in their apartment.. They are later seen moving out of the apartment leaving a devestated Dan but his sadness turns to anger when other neighbors blast their music outloud.


  • Jennifer owns a gun
  • Jason used to be just like Dan (yelled at the sky, was prone to temper and kept a journal about things that annoyed him)
  • They ended up moving out of the apartment because Dan proved to be a deranged psychopath by inadvertantly getting cockraches released into their apartment.
  • They can be perky at times which is one of the reasons why Dan thought they were evil.
  • It is unknown if they are still in good terms with Chris and Elise.

It is also unknown where they will live