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Biographical information
Physical description
Gender Female (♀)
Hair color Platinum Blonde
Chronological Information
Profession Assistant
First appearance "Technology"
Voiced by Grey DeLisle

Ilsa or Independent Logistics and Security Android is Barry Ditmer's assistant and robot wife. Her main purpose is to send data and information to Ditmer and protection.


Ilsa traced a signal from the San Fernando Valley area and alerted Barry Ditmer, the CEO of Omnicron (the company that made Dan's computer), of a recording taken from a "derelict" apartment, where Dan swore that he would "destroy Barry Ditmer" after his new computer had broken down and the model was replaced after only a day of its release. Ilsa saw the situation as a major threat and recommended they send agent "Dancing Shadow", aka Elise, to provide security for their headquarters.

Dan and Chris managed to infiltrate said headquarters and confronted Ditmer. Ilsa engaged in a brief battle between Elise (Dancing Shadow), but was eventually overcome. Other Ilsa models began to emerge and Ditmer demanded them to attack Dan, Chris, and Elise. Hyrim, Ditmer's brother (whom Dan and Chris had met in the surrounding woods), intervened and tossed an axe at the main computer, causing the building, along with Ilsa, to implode.


  • A recolor of Ilsa can be found with black hair and a green dress as a recycled background character in the episode Dan Vs. The Magician.