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Honey O'Houlihan
Mysterious Honey
Biographical information
Age Mid 20s-30s
Physical description
Gender Female (♀)
Hair color Blonde
Chronological Information
First appearance The Catburglar
Voiced by Cheri Oteri

Honey O'Houlihan (voiced by Cheri Oteri) is a mysterious woman who sought Dan's help in The Catburglar. She was Dan's third love interest.


Honey O'Houlihan is based off of the general idea of film-noir females, particularly the Femme-Fatale. Her first appearance shows her in a scarlet blazer layered over a burgundy pencil dress, with a matching large brimmed hat and pumps, a pearl necklace and bracelet, and earrings.

When out driving she switches her hat for a scarf and large, oval-shaped sunglasses.

Her other outfits include a dark cocktail dress, with a knee-length side slit. When at home she wears a pink robe over her clothing.


Honey is portrayed as scared with apparent helplessness and distress. Calling herself a "weak, single dame" to lure Dan into a sense of trust and heroism. Though, throughout The Catburglar she is shown to be quite cunning and manipulative. Using Dan's affections for his cat and her, in order to get want she wants. Also using her pearl jewelry to carry powerful sedatives, which she uses with ease.


  • Honey's character is a parody of the Femme Fatale trope frequently featured in noir cinema.
    • Her appearance seems to be based off film noir actress Lauren Bacall, who was famous for her "husky voice and sultry looks".
  • She had stated to Dan that she was gluten sensitive.
  • She is the only one out of Dan's four love interests to actually kiss him.
  • It is unknown if she truly loved Dan, or was merely using him as a pawn.
  • During three of her monologues, a special blurry effect is added in order to make the scene reminiscent of camera lens close ups of the 1940s.
  • So far, she is Dan's only love interest to be counted as an antagonist, even though she's not technically evil. Where's she tricked Dan into helping her defeat a natural threat.
    • Besides Amber, who is seen as a somewhat love interest.