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Helicopter Hal is a minor character in Dan Vs. He is a news reporter that appeared in "Traffic".


Helicopter Hal is the traffic-copter reporter for a Los Angeles news radio program. He is a relatively known minor celebrity, though he is convinced that he is a lot more famous than he really is, which is why he is actually surprised when both Dan and Elise refer to him as a minor celebrity.

During his only featuring episode "Traffic" he first appears while reporting on a traffic jam that both Dan and Chris are stuck on. During the report he makes it very clear that he loves traffic jams because they give him work and because he enjoys making fun of drivers who get stuck in them.

Later in the episode, Dan beats up Hal and kidnaps him, forcing him to pilot his helicopter so that he can drop a chemical agent over Los Angeles which would give people vertigo for months and thus reduce traffic. Elise attacks their helicopter with a government prototype assault plane and manages to shoot them down but not before Dan drops the chemical agent off the helicopter. Both Dan and Hal manage to survive the crash and Hal manages to escape from Dan's wrath, though not before Dan beats him up again to steal his jacket. It is ultimately revealed that the chemical agent Dan released wound up spraying over Bakersfield, giving everyone there severe vertigo for months.