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Season 2, Episode 7
Im scotty
Air date February 25, 2012
Written by Kirill Baru, Bruce Ferber, Eric Zimmerman
Directed by Ashley Lenz
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"Golf" is the seventh episode of the 2nd season and the twenty-ninth episode overall. It originally aired on February 25, 2012.


Chris shirks his responsibilities to go golfing and Dan and Elise must help to destroy this distraction for good. 


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  • This might be the first time Dan has ever hugged Elise (even if it is to get paint all over her).
  • This episode supposedly takes place 48 hours before Mr. Mumbles's birthday.
  • It's unknown how Dan would even know Mr. Mumbles birthday considering he stole her from an animal shelter, perhaps he's just celebrating the year anniversary since he got her.
  • Mr. Mumbles birthday cake is a seven layer sardine with liver frosting (which both Chris and Elise later unknowingly eat).
  • Dan makes friends with Prescott Richman IV but ultimately dumps him because he's a dog person.
  • The song that plays during the montage where Dan and Chris compete in golf with Elise interfering is based on "I'm Alright", a song by Kenny Loggins which was famously featured in the 1980 movie Caddyshack.




  • The first and only promo is a trailer posted on The Hub's YouTube channel on February 21, 2012.
  • "When Chris shirks his daily responsibilities as a husband and revenge-seeking sidekick so he can play golf with his boss, Dan and Elise become reluctant accomplices in a plot to destroy the game of golf for good. Watch Saturdays at 8p ET / 5p PT. " - description

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