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Elise's Parents
Season 1, Episode 16
Dan vs elise's parents
Air date May 14, 2011
Written by Dan Mandel, Chris Pearson
Directed by Bill Kopp
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"The Fancy Restaurant"

"Elise's Parents" is the sixteenth episode of the 1st season and the sixteenth episode overall. It originally aired on May 14, 2011.

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When a visit from Elise's parents prevents him and Chris from going to the Renaissance Fair, Dan plots to get revenge on them by incriminating Elise's dad in mafia activities.

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  • Michael Gross and Meredith Baxter played the parents from Family Ties as well.
  • This is the first true appearance of Don and Elise Sr, they've appeared in previous episodes (New Mexico, The Wolf-Man) but never actually had any lines.
  • Louie, the undercover cop is actually apart of the Mafia
  • Dan made up a lie that "Cupcake" is slang for "kill" in the Mafia, but it turns out this is true, because this is the term the actual Mafia leader used when talking about Don.
  • Louie has a strange fascination with cross-dressing, he dresses up as a girl and pretends to be Dan's girlfriend, "Heather" when gathering evidence about Don.

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  • The first and only trailer was released by The Hub's YouTube channel on May 11, 2011.
    "Elise's Parents" - Dan Vs

    "Elise's Parents" - Dan Vs.