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"Promise me, you'll steal from them every chance you get" - Dan

"Oh, I will." - Dennis

Dennis is the former adopted son of Dan, later the adopted son of Jean Goodhill and Flynn Goodhill. His first and only appearance is in Parents.


Dennis a really young child who has curly black hair, a black and gray striped T-shirt and blue pants.


Dennis lived at an orphanage and would do destructive thing like make Catapults.

It's implied he got revenge on things like Dan, because he was building a catapult to get back at Pen 23 for stealing his pudding.



In Parents, Dan wanted to adopted a child of his own to prove he could raise a son better than most idiotic parents, upon meeting Dennis, they instantly hit it off (each catapulting an object at each other with Dennis' catapult).

But, Dan couldn't adopt because The Goodhills already did. Outraged, Dan tried to steal him, but instead had a competion with the Goodhills to see who Dennis liked better.

Ultimately, Dennis liked Dan more, but due to Dan's questionable history, he technically wasn't allowed to have him and Dennis went to the Goodhills by default.

In Dan's last interaction with him, Dan told him to steal from the Goodhills every chance he got, and Dennis promised he would.

The Goodhills[]

The Goodhills adopted Dennis at an orphanage. After competing with Dan to decide who got to keep him, The Goodhills won by default.

Dennis doesn't seem to like The Goodhills, despite all the toys they were buying him, he even tried to stab his adopted father with a shiv he made out of legos.


  • He owns a shiv made out of Legos, which was confiscated by Flynn when he tried to hurt him with it.
  • He and Dan both have the same interests.
  • Because Dan is sent to jail in almost every episode, he cannot keep Dennis due to a background check.
  • He has only been featured in one episode which is "Parents".