Dan Vs. Wiki

"Dan Vs. This Game" is a flash game that used to be on the now defunct hubworld.com . Gameplay is a typical platform style game. As Dan, you score points by collecting junk food, coins, and jumping on enemies.You can call on Elise and Chris for help if you need it. 

In order to progress through the game, Dan needs to collect Jerk O Meter power ups and find the boss of the level. As a player, you do not fight the boss, rather, an animation of Dan defeating the boss is shown.

It was most likely released around 2011-2012 given that all the levels are from Season 1 episodes.


The Dentist[]

This level is based on The Dentist. Enemies in this level include toothbrushes, teeth cleaning hooks, and dentures. Hazards that can hurt you include falling toothpaste, spit pools, and spraying water. Dan faces Dr. Pullem at the end.

Enemy Attack Pattern
Hooks hover above the ground, spinning. They move slowly back and forth. They are not hard to jump on, but are placed in areas that make it difficult to get on a platform.
Toothbrushes crawl back and forth along the ground. They are difficult to jump on, requiring you to jump on the head. 
Dentures will either hop back and forth along the ground or jump out of cups of water. The ground based ones are easy to jump on. The jumping teeth are slightly more difficult, moving faster than Dan can jump.
Dentobots move back and forth along the ground, swinging their hooks. They are difficult to jump on, needing to aim perfectly for the head.
Hazard Description
A pool of spit on the ground that will slow Dan down and prevent him from jumping.
Toothpaste drips down from the ceiling
Use Chris to jump over these floss walls
Sprays mouthwash in a vertical pattern. Has a wide range and possibly the most dangerous hazard in this level.


This level is based on Canada. Enemies in this level include Canadian Bears, Beavers, and Geese. Hazards that can hurt you include waterfalls, geisers, and maple syrup. Dan faces the Yeti at the end.

Fancy Resturant[]

This level is based on The Fancy Restaurant. Dan faces Chef Puree at the end.

Power Ups[]

Image Description
Sometimes you will encounter a wall of some sort that you cannot jump over. Clicking on the Chris icon in the lower left calls him to give you a jump boost, allowing you to get over the wall. This power is reusable, but has a cooldown period.
Epu Destroys most enemies on the screen. Just like Chris, Elise can be used multiple times but there is a slightly longer cooldown period than with Chris.
Shaped like a spray bottle of cleaning fluid, this protects you from damage for a few seconds
Shaped like a first aid kit, this will restore your health by a certain amount
This power up is required to beat the level. This is shaped like a fist. When Dan collects enough of them, he can face the boss and move on to the next level.
Spu Increases running speed and jump hight.