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Dan Mandel is an actor and writer best known for co-creating Dan Vs. with Chris Pearson. He has stated that the main character, Dan, is based off his own negative qualities.

Early life[]

Mandel grew up in Reston, Virginia, and later moved to McLean, Virginia, and got his B.F.A. in Theater at the University of Arts in Philadelphia. He also met Chris Pearson in high school. During an interview in 2010, Mandel stated he had known Mr. Pearson for 16 years.

Roles on Dan Vs.[]


Season 1[]

Note: All episodes Dan Mandel wrote in Season 1 were co-written with Chris Pearson.

Season 2[]

Voice Actor[]

Dan Mandel plays various voices in Dan Vs, most notably as Elise's Spy Boss.



He received his B.F.A. in theater from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. He also studied at BADA in Oxford, England.

Dan Vs.[]

Dan Vs. was originally planned to be a live-action sitcom, until Chris' agent told Pearson that [adult swim] was looking for new programming and Pearson asked Mandel if Dan Vs. could be animated instead, according to Dan Mandel, "Not having any connections at HBO to sell the Eastbound and Down-style, R-rated, live-action sitcom it was devised to be, it seemed like the thing to do at the time." [1]


Series Year Role
What Should You Do? 2003 Actor, Electrocuted Electrician, 1 episode
Dan Vs. 2011-2013 Co-creator, Writer, Voice Actor, Producer
Extra-Ordinary 2013 Actor: Club Attendee, Short
Unusual Suspects[1] Actor: Sal Galavan, 1 episode
Packages from Planet X developed original concept based on art samples , 1 episode
Mysteries at the Museum 2015-2017 Actor: Bill's Friend, 7 episodes
I'll See You in My Dreams 2015 Actor: Jogger, Uncredited
Comedy Bang! Bang! Actor: Construction Worker, 1 episode
True Nightmares Actor: Newspaper Man, 1 episode
Dean 2016 Actor: Hotel Employee, 1 episode
Jackie Actor: JFK fan, Uncredited
What Really Happened 2017 Acor: Clay Starbuck, 1 episode
Pandora's Box: Unleashing Evil Actor: Shannon Roberts, 1 episode
I, Witness Actor: Brad, 1 episode
Almost Amazing Actor: Dave the Firefighting Basketball Buddy
Copycat Killers Actor: Leonard Lake, 1 episode
For My Man 2018 Actor, 1 episode
Legends & Lies Actor, documentary
Evil Twins Actor, documentary
Dead Wrong TBA Actor: TBA, Post-production

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