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Dan's car on the right

Dan's car is a red 1985-1988 Plymouth Horizon 2-door. Dan uses it to transport to various locations in the series, many of which are for revenge purposes. A running gag in the series is that his car is constantly damaged, vandalized or completely totaled. Despite this, the car returns to its normal state in each appearance.

The car is the only thing that Dan shows any care for aside from his cat, Mr. Mumbles. No matter how old and worn down it is, Dan is reluctant to get rid of it.

Even though Dan owns a car, he is frequently seen riding in Chris' car (sometimes even driving it himself).

Episode appearances[]

Season 1[]

Episode Damage of the Day
New Mexico A brick is thrown through the backseat window.
The Wolf-Man The side of the car is scratched by the Wolf-Man.
Traffic While in traffic, Dan wets himself on his car chair.
Ye Olde Shakespeare Dinner Theatre While Dan's car appears in this episode, it is not damaged. However in a deleted scene, it gets scratched by one of the actors' epee.
Baseball When a baseball lands near Dan's car, a group of people chase after it and accidentally damage his car in the process, leaving a scratched window and the left wing mirror removed and broken.
The Salvation Armed Forces Dan's car is a pivotal plot point in this episode, having accidentally donated it to the Salvation Armed Forces. Dan tries to take it back throughout the entire episode.
The Beach Surfers park way too close for comfort to Dan's car, leaving it in a very pitiful state (bent up, scratched, and cracked/broken mirrors).
George Washington An entire palm tree is cut down and falls on top of Dan's car, crushing it. Naturally, he believes this to be the doing of George Washington.
Art The car plays another pivotal role when it is vandalized by Art Artstien, who turns it into a literal work of art by painting it green and attaching frogs to it.
Dan When Dan is in court, it is mentioned that he crashed his car through the wall of a church. However, the car does not make a formal appearance.
The Family Camping Trip Dan's car is not harmed in the episode, but Elise steals Dan's car battery.
The Lemonade Stand Gang Not only is Dan's car a victim in this episode, but Chris's car is set on fire and blown up by the titular antagonists of the episode.

Later, in a plot to finally have the gang punished, Dan sacrifices his car, letting them beat it up and destroy it, so that their parents can see just what they're capable of.

Season 2[]

Episode Damage of the Day
The Family Thanksgiving Dan's car appears, but it is not damaged.
The Neighbors When Dan is given a pie from his neighbors, he rudely drops it to the ground... only to discover it fell on his car.
Dancing Crunchy climbs up on Dan's car and dances on it.
The Monster Under the Bed Dan's car appears, but it is not damaged.
Golf Dan's car is hit with golf balls as he drives in the middle of the field.
The Dinosaur The t-rex sits on Dan's car, completely crushing it.
Stupidity A man rear ends Dan's car with his bike, completely crushing what he hit.
The Telemarketer Dan's car appears, but it is not damaged. However, he fumbles with a phone attached to his car out of fright by the telemarketer.
Parents Dan's car appears, but it is not damaged.
Gigundo-Mart As Dan is stuck in traffic, a jar of mayonnaise falls off the cart of a shopper and lands on Dan's car, spilling mayonnaise all over it.
Chris While Dan is driving, he discovers a radio station playing an interview with Chris about the toy he won. This makes Dan so furious that he accidentally rams his car into the back of Elise's Parents' RV, shattering his windshield and destroying the front of his car.

Season 3[]

Episode Damage of the Day
The Boss Dan's car appears, but it is not damaged.
The Mechanic Mechanic Mike has been using parts of Dan's car to win robot fights. The car itself is turned into a robot and Dan fights against Elise with it.
The High School Reunion Dan's car appears, but it is not damaged.
The DMV Dan's car is not harmed in this episode, but a cop informs Dan that he is not allowed to drive it until he renews his licence.
Vegetables The vegetable monster destroys Dan's car.
The Superhero Terrifi-Guy drops a safe on Dan's car when he answers his cell phone, thus crushing it. He later drops more things on top of the safe.

Note: This is the final appearance of Dan's car.


  • Dan's car hardly appears in the show's third season (mostly due to the short length of the season), and when it does, it's not destroyed as often as the previous two seasons.
  • According to both Dan and Mechanic Mike, it's an off-brand Filipino model. And that the closest dealership is in Manila and it closed down 12 years prior to the series.
  • The fact that the last dealership closed 12 years ago could be a reference to the Plymouth automotive company closing around that many years ago at the time the episode aired. This further adds to the indication that Dan’s car is a Plymouth product.
  • Dan's car resembles a cross between a 1985-1988 Plymouth Horizon and a 1983-1992 Volkswagen Rabbit.
  • Dan's car is often in serious need of repair, as seen that it constantly breaks down as well as the engine sometimes sputtering while being driven.
  • In "Parents", Dan's car is able to fit a body in its trunk.
  • It is unknown when Dan acquired his car, or whether he bought it brand new or used.
  • Dan's car was once turned into a fighting robot in "The Mechanic."
  • Dan's car has a car phone inside the glove box as seen in "The Telemarketer". This could indicate that the vehicle was possibly manufactured from the 1980's- early 2000's
  • Dan’s car has a maximum capacity of up to 5 people; 4 passengers and 1 driver.