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Biographical information
Physical description
Gender Male (♂)
Hair color Blonde
Chronological Information
First appearance The Animal Shelter
Voiced by Tom Kenny

Crunchy (voiced by Tom Kenny), a blonde-haired hippie, is a recurring character that appears in various places in Dan Vs. He has worked at the Animal Shelter, Great Will, Wally's Emporium of Hardware and Explosives, and the State Parks service. There are rarely any things that Crunchy dislikes; one strong example is losing his hair locks (in Animal Shelter) and was actually shown getting angry instead of getting scared by being involved in an explosion when Dan detonated the animal shelter he worked at.

In the episode Jury Duty, he was punished into becoming an Alternate Juror. Only the people attending jury duty who are causing disturbances are sentenced there, so most likely Crunchy was sent there for annoying the judge with dialogue about compassion and positivity. He also wears a pair of light pink clear sunglasses.


Crunchy is the stereotypical parody of hippie with his long uncut hair, his laid back personality, and his participation in animal rights organizations, environmental efforts, vegitarianism, and civil protests for different reasons other than their original cause. In Dan Vs. Burgerphile, while Dan chained himself up to the cash register at Burgerphile over a botched drive through order, Crunchy chained himself up to protest the Burgerphile Corporation for serving meat.


  • In Dan Vs Jury Duty, it is revealed he is fluent in Danish.
  • In Dan Vs Stupidity, he calls Dan "broface" meaning he's easily influenced by anyone.