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Chris Pearson is a writer, producer and actor, best known for co-creating Dan Vs. with Dan Mandel.

Early Life Edit

Pearson met Mandel in High School. During an interview in 2010, Mandel stated he had known Pearson for 16 years.

Career Edit

Series Year Role
Shapetown, USA 2011 Producer
Dan Vs. 2011-2013 Co-creator, Writer, co-exexcutive Producer
Back to the Fuhrer 2015 Actor
Buddy Thunderstruck 2017 Writer, 1 episode

Roles on Dan Vs. Edit

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Season 1 Edit

*Note: All episodes Chris Pearson wrote in Season 1 were co-written with Dan Mandel.

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Trivia Edit

  • Much like his animated counterpart, he lives in Los Angeles.
  • Chris, like the cartoon, has a wife named Elise, who actually spent some of her teenage years in Japan, but she ISN'T a ninja... at least to the best of Pearson's knowledge.[1]

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