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Chris Pearson is a writer, producer and actor, best known for co-creating Dan Vs. with Dan Mandel.

Early Life[]

Pearson met Mandel in High School. During an interview in 2010, Mandel stated he had known Pearson for 16 years.


Series Year Role
Shapetown, USA 2011 Producer
Dan Vs. 2011-2013 Co-creator, Writer, co-exexcutive Producer
Back to the Fuhrer 2015 Actor
Buddy Thunderstruck 2017 Writer, 1 episode

Roles on Dan Vs.[]

Co-executive Producer[]


Season 1[]

*Note: All episodes Chris Pearson wrote in Season 1 were co-written with Dan Mandel.

Season 2[]

Season 3[]


  • Much like his animated counterpart, he lives in Los Angeles.
  • Chris, like the cartoon, has a wife named Elise, who actually spent some of her teenage years in Japan, but she ISN'T a ninja... at least to the best of Pearson's knowledge.[1]

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