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Description and Appearances[]

Chris and Elise's car is a Navy blue 1980 Ford Fairmont 4 door sedan. The Fairmont is constantly seen throughout the series. Commonly driven by Chris. On some Occasions, the car is driven by Elise and sometimes even Dan. The car is often subject to some form of harm/damage, such as being completely wrecked in Dan vs Technology, though much like Dan's car it is always seen repaired and fully functioning in the next episode. Chris's car is seen to have a police-cruiser style spotlight mounted over the driver's side rear view mirror "which may indicate that the vehicle may be a decommissioned police cruiser" it is also unknown if Chris got the car brand new or used. The Fairmont has a seating capacity of 5 people (1 driver and 4 passengers). In some episodes, the vehicle is seen to have a column shifter, but in almost every other episode, it is seen with a console shifter "much like the Fairmont's real life counter part".


  • Chris' car may have been a police cruiser in the past "indicated by the spotlight Dan is seen using while driving the car to search for the Wolfman".
  • In Dan vs The Wolfman, the car is seen to have an automatic transmission, operated by a column shifter, but in most episodes, it is seen to have a console shifter.
  • Dan had caused a major scratch on the driver's side door as seen in Dan vs The Monster Under the Bed.
  • As a running gag, the car is commonly damaged or even fully destroyed, but eventually returns to it's original condition.
  • The Salvation Armed forces security guard is seen driving a dark green car identical to Chris' car. This could be a reference to the type of car being used for a fleet of law enforcement.
  • Next to Chris and Elise owning the Fairmont, Elise is seen to own a modern-looking sports car "tucked away James Bond-style under the floor of their garage" In the episode Dan vs Golf.
  • Dan has numerous copies of Chris's car keys as it is said in Dan vs the Salvation Armed Forces.
  • In Dan vs the telemarketer. Dan is picked up by The Imposter in a car identical in form and color to Chris' car. " It is unknown if this is actually Chris' car or if The Imposter had access to an identical vehicle being that he was also wearing Chris' clothes".
  • Chris' license plate reads: PUSHVER "Push over".
  • Chris has stated that the interior of his car "smells like coffee".