Biographical information
Physical description
Gender Male (♂)
Hair color Blonde
Chronological Information
Profession Gym Manager
First appearance "The Gym"
Voiced by John DiMaggio

Chad is a sentient android whose plan is to enslave everyone who is a member of his gym and force them to generate power that he and the other gym robots run on. However, he was electrified by Dan and later put into a car smasher and became a cube.


Chad is a super-fit android with blonde hair. He also wears a grey gym shirt.


Chad acts cool around his clients when he is at the gym, but he is really a maniacal psychopath. He thinks of everyone who is not an android as "gullible budgies" and is cruel to those he has enslaved.


  • He was voiced by John DiMaggio, who is well-known for playing Bender from Futurama and Jake from Adventure Time.
  • It is unknown if he existed as a human at some point in his life or if he was always an android.