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Biographical information
Age Unknown
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Chronological Information
Profession Cruise Director
First appearance The Family Cruise
Voiced by Janie Haddad Tompkins
"And you do have one more super fun activity on the schedule, you get to ride the ship to the bottom of the ocean."

Carla is the overzealous cruise director of the S.S. Funtanic, who appears in the episode The Family Cruise.


Carla wears a cruise hat and cruise dress.


Carla is a kind and dimwitted cruise director that hosts activities on the ship called "Funtivites." After Elise and her mom broke the navigation system during combat and Dan broke the helm, Carla became ill tempered and vengeful, trapping Dan and his friends in the ship so they could be destroyed by a black hole known as the Catalina Parallelogram. She was successful with escaping from the ship, however that would end up to be pointless as the Catalina Parallelogram rewinded minutes later.


  • Carla was a one shot antagonist.
  • Unlike other antagonists of the series, Carla was not defeated.
  • She has a scorecard for both parents and kids during the Funtivities. The games include Wall Climbing, Shuffleboard, Paintball, Volleyball, Limb, Golf, Surfing, Cha Cha, Skeet Shooting, Tetherball, Chicken Chase, Karaoke, Yoga, Fishing and Badminton.

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