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Camp Atrocious[]

Episode Summary[]

Elise is looking for a weapon that she had stored in the garage, before finding Chris' box that contained an inactive hornet's nest, and a picture of Camp Atrocious (both shown above). Chris quickly mentions how bad of a time he had there, as Dan barges in. He ordered "electric socks" that were supposed to warm his feet as advertised, but instead exploded his shoes. He asks Chris to leave because he had been "wronged", and

Camp Atrocious was a camp that Dan went to involuntarily, possibly at an attempt of abandonment by his parents, hence them driving off quickly after dropping him off at the camp's entry. This is also where he met Chris and officially started the friendship between himself and Chris. The two befriend each other after the camp counselor segregates 2 groups of children, the younger ones (ittingly named the Papoose Pavilion and the rather tedious larger ones named the Warrior Wigwam.