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Burger Phile

Burgerphile is a local fast food restaurant and chain, which is owned by Mr. Burger.

Although Dan seems to love eating here, in the episode "Burgerphile", he tried to get a refund and/or revenge after they put cheese on his burger (Dan is lactose intolerant). Prior to "Burgerphile", Dan added the restaurant to his revenge list after he accidentially drank Chris's milkshake in "Animal Shelter."


  • Mac (Cook/Server)
  • Carl (Cook/Server)



  • Elise once stated that Burgerphile's chicken nuggets were made of soy products and recycled newspapers.
  • Their store is open 24 hours.
  • According to Chris, Burgerphile food makes up 75% of Dan's diet.
  • It is right across the street from Café Pureé.
  • The two employees, Mac and Carl are probably a spoof on McDonalds and Carl's Jr. food chains.
  • Burgerphile is a parody of fast food franchises such as McDonald's and Burger King.