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Becky Barber
Becky v03
Biographical information
Age 22
Physical description
Gender Female (♀)
Hair color Brown
Chronological Information
First appearance "The Barber"
Voiced by Cree Summer

Becky Barber (voiced by Cree Summer) was a former love interest of Dan's and girlfriend/friend of Mike. Becky's father, Mr. Barber intentionally broke them up during the episode, "The Barber".


Where as Dan has a black shirt that says "Jerk" on it, Becky has a pink shirt that says "Nerd", a black pleated skirt, and wedged sandals. She has tan skin and green eyes, and straight, nape length, dark brown hair.


Dan asked her out on a date and Becky agrees. Mr. Barber however was reluctant so he sabotages Dan's date by giving him a bad haircut. Dan decides to cancel his date by lying to Becky saying he has to go on an expedition to look for penguins up in the north (though Becky says they live in the south). Dan lies to Elise and Chris and takes them on a trip and Dan soon sees Becky and it turns out Mr. Barber is her father much to Dan's anger. Dan (unsuccessfully) sneaks into Mr. Barber's Cabin but is soon spotted and Mr. Barber is ready to kill the guy with his killing scissors. Dan runs to see Elise and Chris being taken to jail (because the real renters came and called the police). Chris says that he will not help Dan with his plots no more. Dan digs through trash to find food and a family of raccoons come begging. Dan refuses so the raccoons attack him until Dan falls asleep. One raccoon was generous enough to give Dan breakfast and Dan resumes his plot. Dan looks for grappling hooks (although they're not camping material). He sees Becky and hides until the manager exposes him. Dan lies again saying she was right about penguins living in the south. Unbeknownst to Becky she forgets her room key, Dan uses this as an opportunity to sneak in and cut a sleeping Mr. Barber's hair and writes Dan on it. Becky points this out and ask who would've done this. At Dan's apartment Mr. Barber somehow gets in and tells Dan that although he isn't going to see it he will be killed. Dan challenges him in a dual. Mr. Barber cheats and Dan gets back at him, but kills Mike in the process. Becky scolds Dan for his actions. Dan finally tells the truth and tells Becky what her father did. Mr. Barber confesses and says yes. Becky tells Dan to let it go, but he ignores her suggestion. He pushes Mr. Barber, causing him to give Becky a bad haircut and lose. Becky, who didn't take this lightly, tells Dan to never speak to her again and walks away.


  • Becky's voice actor, Cree Summer, also voices Numbuh 5 in "Codename: Kids Next Door" and Spitfire in "Robot and Monster".