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Baru is an undercover villain. He first appeared in The Bank.


Baru appears to be balding, with very little brown hair covering his head. He has a brown mustache with stubs on his chin.

He wears a dark blue coat that looks similar to a Soviet Union coat.


Baru made his first appearance in The Bank, when Elise was attempting to buy Superflu PF-4537, that he stole, off of him. It was enough to kill everyone on Earth, which was the only reason Elise and her Government agency was buying it from him rather than sending in a strike team.

It's unknown how Baru stole it from the Governments facility, but he claims it was a funny story.

Unfortunately, The Bank that the Government was using, had its funds put on hold for five days. Elise instead tried re-stealing the package but it ended up doubling the price.

Later in the same episode, when Elise helped Dan break into a bank during one of his revenge schemes, Elise electronically diverted some of the bank's digital assets to a numbered account in a country that believes in anonymous banking. So it's safe to assume she succeeded in buying the Superflu.