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Barry Ditmer is a minor antagonist in Dan Vs. who appears in the episode "Technology".


Ditmer appears to be a laid-back hippie-type, always talking in a soft, mellow voice and is always seen sitting on his desk on a lotus pose. He appears to be kind and friendly but also has a darker side. Apart from his fear of human contact (which is so extensive that his assistant/wife Ilsa is actually a robot), he is also a manipulative fraud, having stolen his former partner Hiram's ideas for software and an evil genius, plotting to use mind control technology to enslave mankind.


Ditmer created the computer company Omicron with his partner and best friend Hiram, whom he eventually betrayed by stealing his software designs and firing from the company after taking credit for his inventions.

Years later, Ditmer indirectly crossed Dan by designing a cheap computer which broke easily, which enraged Dan since he'd bought one of those computers, prompting him to swear revenge against Ditmer. The enraged Dan made an angry, threatening call to Ditmer's office, which caused him alarm. Using his government contacts, he managed to get the American security agency that Elise works for to send him an agent for protection... Elise.

While reviewing the security on Ditmer's Omicron HQ in Sillicon Valley, Elise discovered Ditmer had been working on long range mind control technology to enslave people and force them to buy his cheap products. She confronts Ditmer about this and he orders his assistant/robot wife Ilsa to attack a Elise and put a mind control device on her forehead. Though Elise manages to beat Ilsa in a fight, her mangled remains manage to sneakily put the device on her head, placing her under Ditmer's control.

When Dan and Chris arrived at Omicron headquarters, Ditmer sent the mind controlled Elise (whom he'd outfitted with a cyber-catsuit and a laser gun) to neutralize them. After knocking out Chris, Elise tries to kill Dan until he breaks the mind control headband using an axe throwing trick he'd learnt from Hiram. The newly freed Elise and Dan confront Ditmer, who sets several copies of Ilsa on them until Hiram arrives and reveals his past with Ditmer.

Dan tricks Hiram into destroying Ditmer's mainframe computer, which causes the whole base to begin self-destructing. Though Elise, Dan and Chris make it out in time, Hiram and Ditmer remain inside and presumably die in the explosion of Omicron Headquarters.


  • Ditmer is based on the late CEO of Apple Computers, Steve Jobs, and his relationship with Hiram is partially based on Jobs' relationship with his former partner, Steve Wozniak.
  • It is unknown if Barry is still alive, considering that he was inside his building when it exploded.